How I changed my life

I spent 15 years of my life suffering from chronic procrastination. Every day I would beat myself up for being an absolute failure and yet do absolutely nothing about it. I would spend most of my days playing computer games and browsing entertainment websites in order to escape the reality of my miserable life. I was in my early 30s, still living with my parents, overweight, without any interests besides computer games and no way out. I tried to change my life countless times but I would quickly relapse back to procrastination.

Every year I would get phone calls from my relatives wishing me a happy birthday. I always dreaded these phone calls because they would ask me about my life, what I've been up to and wonder when I would settle down and start a family. I never knew what to tell them. I had nothing going on and I was moving nowhere. I often had to resort to lying. Everything has changed 3 years ago. It was once again my birthday and once again I had relatives calling me from down under, except this time around there were no questions. I felt a huge relief, followed by a sinking feeling in my stomach and a realisation... They have given up on me.

I decided that enough was enough and it was time to start taking control of my life. I started Googling various articles on self improvement and downloading every self help book I could get my hands on. Nothing seemed to work. I started to notice a common theme. Even though these books contained a lot of tips, they all seemed a little anecdotal. They gave a lot of advise about doing things but none of them explained how I could actually start doing those things and stick to it.

I needed to figure out what was wrong with me. There had to be a reason why I was unable to start and keep going. Whether you call it laziness or procrastination, it has to be caused by something, right? A normal brain has to be different compared to a procrastinator's brain. I needed to figure out what it was and maybe then I'd be able to find my solution. I needed something solid, something scientific, not just some self help guru telling me to "just do it".

My breakthrough came when I stumbled across a medical study linking dopamine and motivation. It was a fascinating read and I was excited to start applying some of the methods this study looked into. It worked surprisingly well. A week later, I was putting in more work into one day than I would usually put into one month. However, I still had a lot of problems to solve. I only discovered one piece of the puzzle.

I've spent the following year going through countless science journals, looking for any studies that could help me change my life while experimenting with various methods. I've read about psychology, neurochemistry, nutrition, exercise, human behaviour, evolution and many more subjects. Sometimes I would find very fascinating and surprising links between various aspects of our lives and our physiology. As I discovered more pieces of the puzzle and applied those methods, my life improved. I started waking up at 6 every morning, working out and eating healthy. I found myself not one but two jobs and was able to find joy in what I do. I started making new friends and met an awesome girlfriend. I've never felt happier.

Even though I did not feel like gaming I still stayed in touch with a bunch of my online friends. It turned out that the phrase "You are an average of 5 people you spend the most time with" is actually pretty accurate. A lot of my online friends were not happy with their lives either. The reason why we would spend so much time gaming together is because most of them also had nothing else going on in their lives. As time went by they became more and more interested in my transformation and begun to bug me, asking for help. One evening I agreed to sit down with them and go through everything I've learned over Team Speak. Half an hour into my "lecture" I realised that I'm just rambling and I'd be better off taking some time to summarise everything in a more structured manner. So I've spent the next month wring a complete 30 page step by step guide on how one could change his/her life using proven scientific methods. I called it Project HTCYL (How To Change Your Life)

To cut a long story short, this guide became such a hit that one of my friends ended up sharing it on social media and it was downloaded over 1000 times within the first 2 hours with overwhelmingly positive response. That same friend is now back at university studying geology instead of spending up to 10 hours per day gaming.

This guide will help you understand why you feel the way you feel. How motivation works. How simple changes can make a big impact on your mental and physical well-being. It will show how to make our brain mechanisms work for us. This guide will teach you how to get things done. It will teach you how to become healthier, less stressed, more focused, how to beat procrastination and take control of your life. Whichever path you take, this book will help you get there. This guide covers a wide range of subjects such as neurochemistry, history, genetics, psychology, nutrition, exercise, productivity and problem solving. It will teach you everything you need to know in order to succeed, from dopamine functionality to effectively scheduling your day, using easy to understand scientific concepts.